Factory audit in China

One type of inspections, which would be difficult to manage without if you wanted to find a reliable supplier in China, is the Factory Audit. This type of inspection will help you to avoid fraud and confirm not only the real existence of an enterprise, but also availability of production facilities declared by it.

Factory audit in China – to conduct this service our specialist personally visits a company you are interested in. The procedure includes checking both legal documentation (business and tax bureau licenses, all certificates needed for production etc) and the level of organization on the enterprise: office and production premises, warehouses, quality control and quality administration departments, after sale services department, etc.

On the results of such an inspection, you will receive a detailed step-by-step audit report with photos and our specialist’s comments along with copies of the following documents:

  • a certificate of registration with state bodies;
  • a certificate of tax registration;
  • a licence for production (if required);
  • an export licence;
  • Certificates (ISO, EC, GMP etc).

Our detailed Factory Audit (FA) report with photos and video (on request) will clearly reflect the following information about the company:

  • the level of work process organization in workshops and offices;
  • the type of equipment and machinery being used, company’s approach to the process of production organization;
  • the capacity of full production cycle at the factory;
  • the availability of logistics, quality control and replacement services;
  • standard production and delivery lead times;
  • after-sale services: ways and options while dealing with replacements, claim issues, etc.

Factory audit in China conducted by Dialogue Consulting is an excellent way of checking the reliability of your future partner without the need to go out of your office!

You can download examples of the factory audit reports here

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