Fulltime support for your business in China

We are focused on building and managing production and logistic chains on fulltime basis for our customers in China.

We do not just help you find a supplier in China. We build reliable and successful partnerships with Chinese counterparts. Relying on a long-time work experience, we are confident that building successful business in China is a step-by-step process, which is curated by us specifically for you.

What does this mean?

Fulltime support for your business in China means having a personal manager in our office in China, who follows up your project on 24/7 basis and keeps a hand on the each stage of the project. This kind of comprehensive approach significantly increases project’s implementation efficiency since your personal manager is ware of all project’s details and follows it up on daily basis.

Choosing our Fulltime support for your business in China service also means:

  • Thorough selection among many producers the ones most appropriate for you and in line with your requirements;
  • Conducting negotiations with the potential supplier about the best price, quality and assortment of goods, payment terms and shortest delivery lead times;
  • Preparing and signing the contract with the supplier on terms beneficial for you;
  • Developing product master-samples and prototypes according to your requirements;
  • Quality control and loading supervision of the goods into container;
  • Customs clearance and other paperwork preparation;
  • Shipment of goods;
  • Dealing with possible complaints;
  • Accompanying customers during business trips to China: visits to factories, exhibitions etc.

By choosing out Fulltime support service you will have the following advantages before your competitors:

Lower product prices. It has been proven many times: prices, which Chinese producers quote when they are contacted by a local company like ours , are on average lower by 5-10 % than those which they provide when contacted by a foreign company from abroad;

Prompt feedback and operational efficiency. We are very mobile! If there is any situation that requires our immediate participation, it takes us maximum 3-4 hours to get to the remotest factory. Within several hours you will have a detailed feedback on the situation with your order and our recommendations how to proceed further with the shipment.

Other valuable advantages of Fulltime support service:

  • We are in the same time zone with all Chinese factories. This means there is no time gap between us and manufacturers. All your instructions and requests will be implemented by us right after you provide them without any delays!
  • We can promptly check whether the factory does exists and has production capacity for the products you are interested in;
  • We quickly react and provide you with full information on the problems that happen during order production together with our suggestions how to correct the situation and avoid its further aggravation.
  • We resolve quality defects and other issues prior to the order shipment.
  • While your competitors are fighting their way through time, cultural, mental, trust and language barriers with their suppliers, our professional English-Chinese speaking team efficiently completes all tasks and achieves all goals you have set for your business in China!

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