Private label manufacturing in China

Private label (OEM) manufacturing is one of the most demanded types of cooperation with Chinese factories. Due to vast production capacities in China it is possible to annually produce millions of units of various goods. Most of goods are produced with customer’s brand names and private logos on them. A well-known fact is that the biggest share of all garment, shoe, furniture, textile etc products from the world well-known brands are produced in China.

Dialogue Consulting offers efficient management of the entire supply chain of your OEM project. Starting from the search for a supplier down to the monitoring of orders’ fulfilment, quality of production, goods packaging and loading supervision, shipment and delivery to your destination we provide fulltime hands-on control over all details of your project.

In private label manufacturing projects we are responsible for:



Based on our experience, clients on some very few occasions order goods in China as “they are” offered by the producer. Normally product needs to be customized according to the clients’ market demands in terms of size, color, raw materials, logo application etc. In this case, before placing a production order, we strongly recommend to make and approve a Master sample (prototype) of the future product prior to mass production.

This procedure helps detect and eliminate problems, which could possibly spoil the entire production lot later. A correctly made sample automatically becomes a Master Sample, a Prototype of your product, which can be used for the quality control of the production lot in the future.

Samples production lead time depend on the complexity of the task.
Normally it takes from 1 week for some non-complicated tasks to 2-3 weeks to accomplish more complex work.

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