Quality Control in China

Quality Control in China is of one the most important and necessary procedures when dealing with Chinese suppliers.

Only due to the quality control and inspection of goods, it is possible to reduce the defect risk as much as possible and secure oneself from losses.

Unfortunately, the quality of goods could be poor even if production is ordered at some very good factories. Quality inconsistency from lot to lot is another problem you have to often deal with in China. Particularly if the supplier understands that you do not oversee production and do not proceed with quality control, quality inconsistency of the product is highly probable. This is an alienable part of doing business and working process in China: manufacturers should be controlled at every step of production. Quality control is one of the most important procedures among many others in the whole process of supply-chain management.

The absence of quality control in China directly leads to delays in production lead time, discrepancy of the product quality, either in terms of raw materials used, or color inconsistency, or dimensions, or physical properties, or performance of the product etc, and as a result: reputation, time and money losses of the Buyer.

The quality of goods is inspected by our inspectors directly on the production site prior to the shipment and payment for goods. Quality control procedure starts when production lot is 80% to 100% ready, packed in boxes or other types of package (bags, rolls, etc). Upon the results of inspection our quality control team prepares a detailed report in which all defects and discrepancies per each SKU are specified in details. Quality Control Report contains detailed photos and description of each defect. Once customer receives a detailed report about quality problems of the production, it is possible to start negotiating with the manufacturer about the ways of problem solution. It can be either a fast reproduction of the defected part of the goods, or financial compensation for the defected goods any other option that will help the Buyer to minimize losses and make sure such defects won’t be repeated in the future production lots.

Before quality control procedure takes place, it is critical for us to obtain the following information from the Buyer:

  • quality specification sheet signed by the supplier,
  • master sample of the inspected product (on some occasions good quality photo will also be accepted),
  • information about types and quantity of defects which are considered critical and non-critical for this product,
  • other comments, instructions and recommendations related to the product and its properties.

The way how we proceed with the quality control in many aspects depends on the type and complexity of the product. Below is the list of main criteria the inspection is usually based on:

  • exterior appearance of the product,
  • physical properties of the product: width, length, density etc.,
  • performance of the product,
  • quality and type of the raw materials and components used,
  • lot-to-Lot colour and shade consistency,
  • quality of the assembly,
  • correctness of logo application,
  • quality and correctness of packaging, marking, bar codes, etc.,

When it is not possible to check the quality of goods on factory site (for instance, chemicals, substance or food ingredients) samples of the product are tested at independent labs or research institutes which are not connected to the manufacturer.

As mentioned above, based on the results of the quality inspection, you receive a detailed Quality Inspection report, which contains:

  • Information about quantity of SKUs in a production lot and quantity of SKUs inspected;
  • Inspection results with detailed photos and description on the types of defects, defects quantity per each SKU.
  • Recommendations to the Buyer how to proceed further in order to resolve situation with defected items.

You can download examples of the Quality Inspection reports here

↑ Click a report to view full PDF-version

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