About us

Dialogue Consulting Company was established in 2006 in Guangzhou, PRC.

We are committed to developing and managing supply chains for and on behalf of our customers.  This concept includes such highly important services as vendors’ and products’ outsourcing, product development, quality control, production lead time management, logistics etc.

We always pursue best result in every project we work on. High standards of service, prompt responses to customers’ needs, fulltime support, best prices from vendors, sustainable controlled quality and on-time delivery feature our business. We can proudly say that we are experts in managing projects in China.

Why us?

Our long-term experience of cooperation with various vendors in China and a deep knowledge of local businesses, culture and mentality are our biggest advantage. Professionalism, Knowledge and Experience acquired within years of dealing with vendors in China enable us to be proactive, to foresee and prevent possible problems even before they occur.

Our Head office is located in the center of Canton province, Guangzhou city. Factories from almost all sectors of China’s light industry are concentrated in Canton. Such a convenient location increases our work efficiency, making it possible to quickly respond to customers’ requests. Even if the vendor is located in the other city or province, it takes us 4 hours at most to get to the most remoted factory from our office.

Our office has more than 20 professionals engaged in projects’ follow up, product development as well as regular on-site inspections of goods’ quality and shipment.

We speak English and Chinese. There is no language barrier and misunderstandings during communication with us.

We are focused on minimizing the risks of our clients when cooperating with counterparts in China by building and efficiently managing supply chains in both production and logistics.

Our Mission is to achieve sustainable development and success of your business in China.

Last but for sure not least: we do not aim to cooperate with the maximum number of clients; we aim to do maximum for every client.

Who are our customers?

Our clients include large industrial and trade companies, as well as small and medium-size businesses and start-ups. Some of our clients already had experience of cooperation with vendors in China and some are just beginning their business with China. We are grateful to each our partner for the trust they have in us and in a pursuit of perfection we commit our lives to constant improvement of our services and achievements.

We have professional expertise and approach to products in such fields as:

Chemical industry: agricultural fertilizers and raw materials for fertilizer production;
Food industry: food additives and raw materials for the food industry;
Pharmaceutical industry: production of drugs, substances and medical products in China;
Agricultural products: grains, oil, seeds, fruit and berries exports to China;
Automobile industry: parts and accessories for various types of vehicles;
Upholstery industry: product development and manufacturing upholstery fabrics in China;
Fashion industry: designing and sewing clothes for children and adults;
Beauty industry: equipment and accessories for beauty parlors, spas; cosmetics.
Hardware for computers and other devices: cameras, cables, boards, parts, etc.
Supply of building materials, panels, tiles, sanitary ware, furniture, lighting and decoration items for wholesalers and distributors, commercial projects (hotels, casinos, restaurants) and private residences, apartments, villas.

We are open to new ideas and invite you for cooperation in other fields and areas of business not mentioned in the list above!

Regardless of the scale of the project, every customer can count on:

Professional and responsible approach;
Efficient projects’ follow up and control at all stages;
Fulltime support of the project both before and after the shipment