Search for suppliers in China

Search for suppliers in China is one among many services provided by Dialogue Consulting Company.

For each group of goods we select the most attractive offers from 5-10 Chinese manufacturers, paying particular attention to the price-quality ratio of the product, factory scale and reputation on the market. Along with this we check legal status and reliability of potential suppliers which helps protect you from dishonest partners even at this early stage.

Report on the search for suppliers in China, which you get as a result of our work, includes:

price of product unit, minimum order quantity (MOQ) per unit, payment and delivery terms accepted by the supplier, brief description of the product and contact details of the supplier.

Search for new suppliers in China is carried out for free for our regular clients, who cooperate with us on regular basis.

Based on numerous feedbacks from our regular clients, we know that prices, which Dialogue Consulting gets from factories, as a China based company, are on average lower by 5-10% than prices, received on the request from a foreign company.

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