Dealing with complaints in China

Dealing with complaints is an important part of the business process when cooperating with Chinese suppliers.

Unfortunately, even well-known manufacturers, with well-established management and modern production lines, make mistakes once in a while, particularly it happens if not enough attention is paid to the communication with the factory. There are also sometimes technical failures, but a human factor is after all the main reason behind defected goods manufactured by the Chinese producer. The more details of the order are discussed and approved with the Chinese side prior to the order placement, the higher is probability to get a good production result.

However, if there are still defected products in the lot, then the issue of compensation should be resolved as early as possible, preferably before shipment and full payment for goods. If otherwise, it will be quite difficult to prove something to the producer after goods are delivered to the buyer’s warehouse. Unfortunately Chinese producers rarely take into account expert conclusions and researches, conducted outside China.

For this reason thorough quality control of each production lot is so important. It helps detect quality problems directly in the producer’s warehouse and prior to shipment, which significantly aids the negotiation process on problems resolution and compensation.

If quality problems were detected in the buyer’s warehouse (for instance, some kind of a hidden defect), only persistent and meticulous work on the problem, timely and efficient negotiations with the producers may help resolve the issue of replacement or compensation of the defected products.

There are very few cases when the producer refuses to admit his responsibility. But there is a way out even in this situation: to shift the issue of compensation of losses to courts (Chinese court).

Regardless of the fact at which stage the defect was detected: prior to the shipment of goods from China or after they arrived at your warehouse; whether you are already our client or this is your first appeal — Dialogue Consulting provides you with as much as possible assistance in resolving quality issues with your suppliers in China.

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